Mighty 119 Knows Who Knows Money!

Oh yes, welcome to Mighty 119. Do we know who knows about money? Why, yes. Yes we do. Our best friends know money. Or, at least they deal with financial experts who know and understand markets, fluctuations, and what not. They leave their investments in the hands of these experts and go about their business.

Do you know much about money? Hmm. No? Sort of? Ok, enough to balance your checking account? Well, that’s a start. Here’s the thing, though. How much do you feel like you must know or learn about markets?

What about precious metals? Do you know anything about that? Did you know that you can actually have an IRA with gold or other precious metals? You would need a special custodian for it, but you can do it! And trust me, a LOT of people are investing in metals. There are some pretty strict rules around it.

Are you interested in learning more? If so, stay glued to this website while we populate it all types of money pages for you to learn from. And, thank you for visiting and having a look. We definitely appreciate it.